Joy of love

Love can happen twice? According to me I can say yes. But not because I am in love.. As all we know that your first love can or cannot be successful but at least we can try to put in our best efforts to love each other. Our heart knows, loving someone who never loved […]

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Incredible moments Days are getting shorter, nights are becoming longer, Memories are getting more stronger day by day. We are getting more and more closer to each other, and my love won’t ever fade. While getting so close to each other to be loved, with you special one.. I don’t want to lose you at […]

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The thought The moment before I sleep, Is the moment that makes me weep. That moment when I am all alone, With a thought of my own. The thought that keeps me awake, The thought of an important decision to make, The voices in my head that screams, The thoughts that follow even in my […]

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unKnowing feelings.

I can feel for you, but I can’t express.. I can’t forget that unknown person I met.. Didn’t thought about friendship, not even how to communicate with her. And another uncertain day. We suddenly started to talk to each other. It was like something filmy, for me 🤪. Because it all happened after a long […]

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